Problem Solving & Decision Making

With PSDM you create order from chaos. By making your thinking visible, by distinguishing facts from assumptions, by structuring your approach you will quickly identify root causes and fitting solutions. But PSDM also helps you look deeper - what is the cause of the cause, what else may have been affected by the cause, what risks and opportunities must you manage? PSDM fits perfectly in KM strategies like KCS and Intelligent Swarming.

PSDM is a registered trademark of Kepner Tregoe


Learn structured thinking

As certified partner of Kepner Tregoe Netherlands, TellTales Consulting can offer you several different PSDM workshops.

TellTales Consulting is your only partner in Europe who offer PSDM in combination with Knowledge-Centered Service and Intelligent Swarming.


Expertise that fits!

When you want to adopt PSDM or parts of it in your organization, we have the knowhow to help you. Especially if you already work according to the KCS or Intelligent Swarming methods, our expertise may prove extremely valuable for you.

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