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We have years of experience with many aspects of knowledge management. How may we help you?

Document Management

Share, maintain and store digital documents in your organization.


The (digital) workplace where people come together based on knowledge, experience and interests.


Leverage the creativity and ideas of everyone in your organization.

Learning Management

The internal Academy. Organize and deliver training, workshops and courses.

Competency Management

Each role requires a specific set of knowledge and skils at a specific level.,

Organisational assessments

Know where you stand, what you can accomplish with knowledge management and who you need to involve.

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Knowledge-Centered Service

Knowledge is the byproduct of everything you do. With KCS you make that knowledge findable and usable for your colleagues and your customers.

Kepner Tregoe PSDM

Problem Solving & Decision Making provides a structured manner to address new and complex issues. PSDM is the perfect fit for KCS and Intelligent Swarming, but is just as powerful as a stand-alone method.

Intelligent Swarming

Collaboration on steroids. Many orgnizations find this the next logical step after KCS. But just as many organizations have adopted Intelligent Swarming as a perfect stand-alone method.