Support for your projects

Organizational change can be complex. We have the expertise to help you navigate the pitfalls and successfully adopt collaboration and knowledge sharing in your organization. Whether you're starting from scratch or doing improvements in an existing adoption, we stand with you.

On time, within budget

TellTales Consulting has experienced project managers to help you complete your projects in time, within budget and to the expectations of your stakeholders. Thanks to our in-depth understanding of the subject, we can help you manage risks and leverage opportunities.


Hands on deck!

As consultants we are a perfect addition to your project team. From process design to the implementation of processes and tools. Our goal is that the process is anchorded within the organization, and doesn't drift when we close the door behind us.

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Intelligent Swarming

Collaboration on steroids. Many orgnizations find this the next logical step after KCS. But just as many organizations have adopted Intelligent Swarming as a perfect stand-alone method.

Kepner Tregoe PSDM

Problem Solving & Decision Making provides a structured manner to address new and complex issues. PSDM is the perfect fit for KCS and Intelligent Swarming, but is just as powerful as a stand-alone method.

Knowledge Management

Document Management, Communities of Practice, Learning Management, these are just a few examples where our expertise can be of value for you.

Knowledge-Centered Service

Knowledge is the byproduct of everything you do. With KCS you make that knowledge findable and usable for your colleagues and your customers.