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Knowledge-Centered ServiceĀ® is the smart way of sharing knowledge for a better customer experience. Connect people with content to answer known questions fast and effective.

Intelligent Swarming

Collaboration on steroids. Break through the silos of tiered support and stop escalating. Connect people with people to solve new and complex issues fast and effective.

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How successful is your knowledge management program? Which method is the best fit for your organization? We help you with assessments, advice and hands-on support for your projects.

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Case: Intelligent Swarming at Tricentis

Starting December 2017, we helped Tricentis (Vienna, Austria) with their adoption of Intelligent Swarming. Intelligent Swarming is a different way of working for the Support organization. Escalation levels have been replaced by a network of experts who help each other to find an incident resolution.

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Gamification and Knowledge Managment: Can they go together?

On 26 and 27 November 2018 the second Gamification Europe conference took place in Amsterdam. The theme "From Player To Professional" seemed interesting to me with fascinating speakers, including Dr. Michael Wu. The main focus of the conference centered on Marketing, Sales and Education (e-learning), areas where Gamification has achieved the most success to date.

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KCS makes knowledge re-use easier

In his weblog Knoco Stories Stories, Nick Milton writes how hard it is to re-use knowledge. According to Milton, this is a serious barrier for knowlede management and he lists several re-use blockers. They are, amongst others, the knowledge not being available when knowledge workers need it and they don't have time to go looking for it. 

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