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Knowledge-Centered Service® is the smart way of sharing knowledge for a better customer experience. Connect people with content to answer known questions fast and effective.

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Intelligent Swarming

Collaboration on steroids. Break through the silos of tiered support and stop escalating. Connect people with people to solve new and complex issues fast and effective.

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Make your thinking visible with Kepner Tregoe Problem Solving & Decision Making. Address complex issues and make the right decision using these structured methods.

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KM Projects

How successful is your knowledge management program? Which method is the best fit for your organization? We help you with assessments, advice and hands-on support for your projects.

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KCS Europe Team Meeting “Evolution of content” (Day 2)

On the second day of the KCS Europe Team Meeting, an OpenSpace technique was applied. In case you don’t know this technique: participants write down a topic or question they would like to discuss. The other participants chose which topic to join for discussion. However, if they’re done talking about this topic, they are free to go to another topic. The person who brought up the topic, summarizes the discussion in the end.

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KCS Europe Team Meeting “Evolution of content” (Day 1)

The annual KCS Europe Team meeting took place from 30 to 31 October (1.5 day) in Delft, the Netherlands. This year’s theme was “Evolution of content”. The meeting was hosted by TOPdesk and participants were a mix of companies that have implemented KCS and consultants / tool vendors. They came from the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden and UK.

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The role of leaders in KCS and Knowledge Management

It is not always easy to involve senior management in new initiatives, like the introduction of KCS into the organization. Leaders are busy, have a lot going on and often have to focus on the most urgent issues. Still, we need our leaders to help making KCS or knowledge management (KM) in general, a success. In this blogpost, we’re going to look at the role of leaders in KCS and KM.

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